Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our yard was nothing but weeds when we first moved it. (See picture 1) There was an old shed that inhabited by mice. I pulled all the weeds by hand (See picture 2) but soon after a new set grew in their place. (see picture3). Knowing what I know now I would have left the weeds and tilled them into the soil. We will get weeds but not nearly as many - and yes I still pull them by hand. All of these areas are now covered with raised planted bed for veggies, the old shed is gone and there is a wood fence around the property.

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  1. After reading your comment on beets, I had to buy a jar at the store and serve them for dinner. I told my 5 year old grandson that he wouldn't like them because they tasted like dirt. So I lied. More for me that way!

    My in-laws grew enormous gardens when I was dating & first married to my husband. In the spring the canning/freezing process started with cherry picking, strawberries, onions, radishes, peas, green beans, beets, peppers, tomatoes, and the season ended with zuchini, squash, and watermelons, then came the cool fall weather peas and lettuce again.

    When we moved from Nebraska to St. Louis, we lived with them for a few months while our house was getting finished. I never worked so hard ever! He planted a 'few' tomatoes - just 75. And on Memorial day we harvested 90 quarts of strawberries in just one day. I picked green beans in the mud, squatting on boards laid between the rows. I get a backache now just thinking about it. I was just 28 yrs old then, and that was 30 years ago. I can't imagine doing all that now.

    At dinner we were talking about how many people were in need of food, and how we ought to be planning a garden to see how we can both cut costs for ourselves, and to have some on hand to share. I might have to invest heavily in some back pain medicines.

    Thanks for sparking such a pleasant memory for me!