Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bee and garden update

We finally went into the hives this past weekend - everything looks good but I decided to wait a few more weeks to add the second super. One hive had a ton of honey already - the frames were hard to hold up. We removed the inner lid and added a screened lid to give them more ventilation during the hot months. The pictures above are the bees cleaning off the honey from the inner lid we removed - It is all cleaned off now ready to store until the fall.
Our veggie garden is going well too. Besides what we intentionally planted we have plants popping up all over the property that must be from seeds last year. The top photo is our compost pile - it has several types of veggies growing in it and the bottom one is next to the bee hives pumpkins (I think) just growing through the base rock we put down this winter and we have tomatoes starting all over the property. There is one type of gardening that is based on the concept of let it reseed it self. I can see how that would work


  1. Seeing the bees cleaning up the honey makes me hungry. :)
    I love getting volunteer plants! It is free food.

  2. Hey, Martha, I want a picture of you in your bee keeper outfit!

    What a wonderful source of food to have it pop out of your compost heap. Great Job!