Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pet Magnet

I planned on showing some before pictures of our property but realized this morning the memory card they were on was the one I lost a few months ago :( So instead I've decided to tell you about our farm animals. We have 3 dogs and a cat. Dutchess, the black lab is 13 years old. She is getting near the end of her days but keeps bouncing back. Ginger is our 4 year old yellow lab. She is a bit psychotic - she is afraid of everything including walking on the kitchen floor. Lillee is the 1 year old pug - she is also known as thorn (in my side) and PITA (pain in the a...). The cat's name is Spike but I call him Mister Big because he runs the house hold. He isn't afraid of any of the dogs. He is about 13 or 14 years old. Any time I sit down the pets are all over me and so the name of the blog pet magnet

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